Catch Basin – Drain Installation & Repair

For catch basins and drainage systems in Louisiana and Texas, the trusted paving contractors are at Elite Sealcoating, LLC. We’re a locally grown construction company that’s provided top notch paving services to the area for decades, so we we have the experience and knowledge of local needs to keep your paving safe and stable with high quality drainage systems.

Catch Basins & Storm Drains: Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

The best way to protect your pavement from damage is with concrete drainage systems, including catch basins and storm drains, but many property owners don’t know about these paving services.

What’s the difference between a catch basin and a storm drain?

While most use the terms interchangeably, catch basins and storm drains are different parts of an overall drainage system that directs water away from buildings and pavement. Storm drains carry runoff water away from roads or parking lots, directing them into a catch basin, which is a concrete box or shaft that holds water. Basically, the drains redirect the water into the basin, which holds it until the water level rises, then lets the water flow safely into sewer systems.

Storm Drainage System Installation

Pavement experts install concrete drainage systems at the same time as asphalt parking lots or roadways because the pavement and drainage work together. A reputable paving company will design the drainage system at the same time as the pavement to meet the needs of each unique site. Storm drains are installed at the edges of the pavement, and catch basins can be installed nearby to catch this runoff water.

Storm Drain & Catch Basin Repair

Sinking, cracking, and holes can impact the life of your drainage system, and you need a trusted paving company to repair them properly. Professional concrete contractors will be able to cut out damaged areas, fill deep cracks with new concrete, or install a new precast catch basin if necessary.

Your LA & TX Concrete Drainage Experts

If you’re having trouble with water runoff on your southern Louisiana or Texas property, you need to contact Elite Sealcoating, LLC right away. We’re the trusted professionals for catch basin and storm drain repair and installation in the area. Call or click today for a consultation!