Crack Seal


Over time, asphalt surfaces can accumulate cracks, potholes and the like. When that happens, you need a Parking lot repair specialist to come in and take care of the problem for you with patchwork. Depending on the type of crack or hole, there are several repair methods that can be applied. Patching is a technique that repairs pesky potholes by applying a new mixture of asphalt over the affected areas.

Similarly, crack sealing addresses the repairs of cracks in asphalt structures through the application of crack sealants. This process fills in the cracks to prevent further deterioration.

Whatever your asphalt surface needs to be mended, we can apply the correct patching service to restore it! Call us today at (337) 396-0316 to get an estimate on all of our asphalt services!

Crack Sealing & Crack Filling A-Z

Cracks form in pavement when water flows into the porous upper layer and disrupts the integrity of the asphalt. When this water freezes, it expands and breaks the asphalt open. Then more water can flow into that small crack, expand, and create a larger crack. If this freeze/thaw cycle repeats too often, you can get pavement cracks or potholes that go all the way through the asphalt layer and into the gravel underlayer, which weakens the entire pavement structure. This is why getting asphalt cracks repaired quickly is very important.

Crack Filling vs Crack Sealing

Crack filling is a process where a product is applied cold to fill in the crack, much like a silicone joint filling product. Many home improvement stores carry pavement crack fillers, and homeowners may be tempted to use them themselves on an asphalt driveway. However, crack fillers aren’t formulated to bond to the asphalt and they can pull away from the sides of the crack, leading to further damage. Professional crack sealing uses a product that is applied hot, just like asphalt installation, that bonds completely with the broken asphalt to create a seamless surface that expands and contracts along with the asphalt itself. With sealed cracks, water and debris can’t get into the crack and make it worse.

Crack Sealing: a vital part of pavement maintenance

As part of a regular asphalt maintenance routine, crack sealing can literally save your pavement. It’s recommended to get your asphalt pavement inspected yearly to find minor damage like cracks, and then your trusted local paving contractor can work with you to find the proper asphalt repair or maintenance services. After sealing over cracks, the pros may lay down an asphalt sealcoating to completely seal over the pavement, preventing more cracks or damage.

Choose Elite To Seal Your Pavement Cracks

With professional crack sealing services from Elite Sealcoating, you can be sure that the asphalt on your southwest Louisiana property is fully repaired and will last for years. If your local area pavement has cracks, potholes, or deterioration, contact us today so we can schedule and inspection and consultation with one of our asphalt experts.