Parking Lot Paving

In Louisiana and Southeast Texas, Elite Sealcoating, LLC is the local leader in parking lot paving services. We’ve been professionally paving the area for over fifteen years, and our experience means we not only know local needs but all the methods for perfect parking lots. With our state of the art equipment, our experience, and our dedication to customer service, Elite Sealcoating is the best choice for a new parking lot.

All About Asphalt Parking Lots

If you need a parking lot in the Lake Charles, LA area, you may not know where to start. Let our trusted asphalt experts get you started with some frequently asked questions about parking lots.

Contact Elite Sealcoating for Your Parking Lot Paving Project

We’ve been sealing, repairing, and installing asphalt all over Louisiana and southeast Texas for decades, so we can make sure your asphalt parking lot will serve your business for years. We also pave residential driveways and roadways, so don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation about your paving needs.

Why choose asphalt over concrete for a parking lot?

There are tons of benefits for an asphalt parking lot, starting with cost because it’s cheaper than concrete to install and maintain. Asphalt is also designed for heavy vehicle traffic and the weight of vehicles actually helps keep the pavement stable.

  • How long will my new asphalt parking lot last?

    Asphalt paving will also last for decades if properly installed and maintained by reputable asphalt contractors. With regular sealcoating and line striping, your asphalt parking lot can last up to 40 years.

  • What’s an asphalt parking lot installation like?

    Before any work gets done, our reputable contractors will work with you to schedule your paving so business isn’t interrupted. Next, asphalt experts prepare the site by grading, then install a gravel underlayer and compacting it for stability. Next, asphalt is applied hot with brushes or sprayers. After the asphalt cures, sealants and traffic paint can be applied.

  • Will my parking lot need maintenance?

    While asphalt pavement is very durable, it’s important to keep it in good repair. Parking lot maintenance services like crack sealing or minor damage repair are necessary to keep your asphalt parking lot stable and safe. Asphalt sealcoating can preserve your parking lot by protecting against wear and weather.

  • Why do I need a local asphalt contractor for my new parking lot?

    The Lake Charles, LA area has some unique conditions for pavement. Hot weather can cause dips and softening of asphalt because it responds to temperature. Water can also cause erosion of soil or gravel underneath pavement, so you need paving contractors who understand local water tables and soil types.