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For the greater Lake Charles, LA area, Elite Sealcoating is the leader in pavement repair and asphalt sealcoating. With over 15 years of experience in Texas and Louisiana, we’ve satisfied both commercial and residential clients with our quality paving. While we’re experts in pavement installation and repair, sealcoating is in our name because it’s one of the most cost-effective asphalt maintenance services. Why? Let our experts explain.

Why Get Asphalt Sealcoating?

Asphalt paving is super durable and flexible, but it isn’t impervious to wear and tear. Tires passing over the surface, the weight of vehicles, heavy rains, winter weather, and UV rays can all wear down pavement and create damage like cracking and edge deterioration. A sealcoat provides a protective layer and seals any minor cracks or damage, creating a brand new surface.

Your Local Leader in Asphalt Sealcoating

If you have a property in Lake Charles, Jennings, or Lafayette area with asphalt paving, Elite Sealcoating is here for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our pavement experts and find out if you can protect your paving with a professional sealcoat.

Pavement Sealcoating FAQs

  • What is a sealcoating made out of?

    A sealcoat is a special blend of petroleum products, polymers, and aggregates like sand. The petroleum products are similar to liquid asphalt so they bond to the existing surface, and polymers, AKA liquid plastics, provide superior bonding, drying, and UV protection. Sand is used in asphalt sealcoating for traction. Professionals will create a custom mix for each job to target specific conditions.

  • How often should you apply a sealcoating?

    Paving professionals recommend applying a sealant once every one to two years to keep your asphalt protected from weathering and wear. A sealcoat can be applied after a new paving installation has completely cured, usually after 30 to 60 days.

  • What’s the asphalt sealcoating application process?

    First, asphalt experts like those at Elite Sealcoating will formulate a custom sealcoat for your specific situation. Next, the pros will clean the pavement and fill any cracks. Like an asphalt paving installation, sealcoating is usually applied hot. A sealcoating can be applied with either brushes or special spraying equipment, and then it needs to cure for 24 hours.

  • Is sealcoating part of a pavement maintenance program?

    It definitely should be, according to most paving experts. A sealant covers stains, seals minor cracks, and provides protection against further damage. This makes it an ideal maintenance service to prevent expensive repairs later on and keep your asphalt paving looking good for longer.