Pavement Marking Striping

The best option for pavement markings and parking lot striping in the greater Lake Charles, LA area is Elite Sealcoating, LLC not only because we have decades of experience in the area, but also because we are dedicated to the satisfaction of our local clients. With our experience, we have seen a lot of different parking lot designs and conditions, so we can tackle any line striping job. Our experience also means we have relationships with suppliers to provide our local clients with the best paving products and traffic paint.

Pavement Marking with Elite Sealcoating

Striping or Re-striping is the most common and routine type of asphalt maintenance. The reason being, that over time paint begins to deteriorate as a result of severe weather, traffic flow, and other factors. It’s important for commercial parking lots and road systems to have clearly defined markings that meet mandated guidelines. Clearly rendered lines, handicap parking spaces and safety markings are crucial in maintaining the safety of drivers, pedestrians and building structures. Not to mention, line striping services help to promote a professional appearance.

Whether re-striping your parking lot or creating a brand new layout that keeps Beaumont traffic areas safe and well organized, consult with our professionals by calling (337) 396-0316

If you need to refresh the parking lot stripes on your property in Louisiana or Southeast Texas, Elite Sealcoating, LLC is your best option. We’ve been in the pavement industry for over fifteen years, so we know the area and care about our neighbors. Contact us today to discuss your paving needs.

Parking Lot Striping FAQs

  • How long will my new parking lot striping last?

    While asphalt paving needs the constant weight of vehicles to stay compacted and level, tires will wear down traffic paint on the surface. This means that higher traffic parking lots may need re-striping yearly, while others can get new parking stripes once every two years.

  • What kind of pavement markings are there?

    While parking lots clearly need linear stripes to show where to park and drive, and most paving professionals calculate their costs based by the linear foot. In addition to stripes, expert paving contractors can also paint accessible parking symbols, numbers and letters, as well as curb and hazard painting.

  • How long will my business be interrupted for asphalt painting?

    You shouldn’t experience any interruption of your business with the correct planning from a professional paving company. We’ll schedule your job around your business hours.

  • What should I do to prepare for asphalt painting?

    Schedule a consultation with your most trusted asphalt company! Professionals will prepare your parking lot for striping by cleaning it or possibly putting down a sealcoating.